Host Family FAQ

We don’t have an extra bedroom, how can we be involved?

1. Japanese students do not need their own bedroom. They can share a room with a same gender host sibling.

2. You can team up with family or friends that have a spare room and the student can sleep there yet still be with your family during the day. Both families need to complete the Host Family Application.

3. Use another room like a den or office that can be a set-up as a temporary bedroom.

We want to host but can't get the time off, how can we be involved?

1. Team up with family or friends that have time off when you are at work, and the student can be with you when you are not working. Both families need to complete the Host Family Application. Japanese students need to have adult supervision when they are in your home. If you have someone that you would trust with your own child, perhaps they can be with the student while you are at work.

2. KAP has many volunteer opportunities such as event planner, board member, etc.

3, Join for activities that are during your time off.

I have a few days during the exchange that I can’t have a student with me, can I still host?

KAP and other host families work together to help each other out. Tell us the days you need time off from hosting and we’ll find someone that can take your student during that time.

I only have a few days off but really want to host, can we host for under 1 week?

Yes, we always need backup hosts and short term hosts for special situations that arise. Please complete the application and indicate what dates you are available

We don’t have children / we have young children / should we host?

YES! All kinds of families make great host families.

Is there a stipend?

No, this is a voluntary position. The experience and friends you make are well worth it.

What do we do when our student is staying with us?

The Kanonji students are here to experience daily life in the Fox Cities. KAP will provide you with a list of activities that you can do with your student. Your everyday activities are interesting to them.

We are going camping/up north during the exchange, is this ok?

Yes, but not for the entire exchange time. Keep in mind that the students can not go out of the USA and if you plan to travel away from home, KAP needs detailed information about the trip.